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Bonjour !  I’m Dorcas  🙂

Bonjour !  I’m Dorcas  🙂

I’m married to my best friend, Leonard, and blessed with two wonderful kids-Nicholas and Belle. I was born in Togo, West Africa, and moved to the US in 2004 after High School. I have a Bachelors degree in Business and work in the financial services industry .

I have always been passionate about fashion since I was a child but the opportunity to pursue my dream as a fashion stylist never materialized until I came to the United States. I am a certified wardrobe stylist and a personal shopper. I currently style and shop for professional women who want to incorporate fashion into their everyday lifestyle.

My view on fashion is simple: if you HAVE it, SPEND it. But you don’t have to break the bank to be stylish. I love shopping. But I love Sales even better! Style Pashion for me is a vehicle to share my love for all things fashion and style. At Style Pashion, I will be sharing tips on style, beauty, lifestyle and home decor.

About Me

Some Fun Facts About Me

1 – I wear braids 95% of the year!
2 – I am obsessed with white tops & Tees! 
3 – I love everything girly especially sparkles and tulles!
4 – I don’t like baths but I can spend hours in the shower.
5 – I love all things yellow 😉 but lately I’m seriously into white and blush !
6 – I’m a reality TV junkie but I don’t like comedies. I love action movies and spy series!
7 – I have OCD – starting with no shoes in my house lol (now you know, if you’re coming over just fyi 😊)
8 – I love getting my nails done and I like them long, sometimes pointy {Yes, I’m a mom of toddlers 🙂 don’t judge }
9 – I’m addicted to Starbucks!!! {Yes I admit 🙂 again don’t judge lol … oh did I mention I make my own drinks lol …
10 – English is my 3rd language:) Mina, a local Togolese dialect, is my first language. French was my official language until I moved to the US (don’t ask how hard it was to learn English as an adult , because Boy it was HARD 🤦🏾‍♀️

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