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Shopping Baby Essentials with buybuy BABY

As a busy mom of 2 especially amid the pandemic , I personally have limited my trips to the store and started shopping my baby Essentials at buybuy BABY with their Curbside Pickup and/or In-Store Pickup service.
If you’re a friend of mine then you know I absolutely love buy buy baby because you probably either went to buy buy Baby store or shop online for both of my baby registries :)
I love the exceptional customer service that I have received there over the years! Today I want to highlight their curbside pick up service ! 

Shopping Baby Essentials with buybuy BABY with curbside pick up is *Contactless *Easy *Fast *Same Day.
Curbside pick up orders are usually available within 2 hours or less !
The process of the order is is pretty much the same as any online order.
*You have the option to add an alternate pick up person if you unable to pick up yourself.
*You also have the option to add your phone number and receive a text message when your order is ready for pick up in addition to the “order ready for pick up” email.

Once you arrived at the store, there’s a “I’m at the store” link in you email that you click and you can enter your parking space number.
After that, you’ll get a reply that an associate is on its way out with your order. when you see the associate approaching your car, you can open up your trunk, items will be placed in your trunk and you’re ready to go and drive off !
It is just that easy, contactless and convenient !!!

Now it’s time for you to give it a try and let me know your thoughts :)

Shopping Baby Essentials with buybuy BABY
Shopping at buybuy BABY with Curbside Pickup

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Love, Dorcas