Pink Dress for Birthday

It’s my birthday y’all:) my favorite holiday so I’m wearing this little pink tulle dress!

I am so blessed to be a year older and I thank God for His grace and favor!

I used to be super excited about my birthday but over the past few years it has been a bit different ! I don’t care much about celebrating but I want that day to be just all about me. Come on, I only get one day in the year especially since becoming a mom. You know it’s no longer all about you anymore. Your kids become everything.. But that’s momlife and it’s my greatest joy!

Pink Dress with balloons

This birthday, I don’t want much, although I still want my gifts LOL. If you still have my gift, make sure you send it ASAP ! 
I pretty much want a relaxed day probably in bed mostly, to eat one of my favorite meals, a cake and a good sweet drink 🙂

Pink dress and flower wall

I don’t normally do Birthday shots but I went to H&M and saw this pink tulle dress, I was like this is fun and cute ! I’ve never been a pink kind of girl but ever since I had Belle, when I see pink , I like 🙂 Well, I decided spontaneously to do a birthday shoot with my parents in DC the next day at this famous Georgetown location 🙂 it’s a pink flower shop that has been closed .

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Since its my birthday, I wanted to share 5 fun facts about me 🙂

1- I don’t have a favorite food ! I don’t know why but I can’t just tell you off of my head what my favorite food is because there are actually some meals that I enjoy but it really depends on the day or my mood.

I love atieke & poisson – a very popular Ivorian dish .
I also love couscous au poulet – it’s a Moroccan dish . 
I love fufu and peanut butter soup  – that’s Togolese. 
I love a good salad ! Greek salad, salad niçoise , Cobb salad , cucumber salad.
I also love chicken kabob or lamb kabob with rice & salad 🙂

2- I’m such an introvert ! But here I am blogging which involves people!

3- I have OCD . I don’t like sharing my plate. I don’t like people wearing shoes in my house. But guess who loves wearing shoes in my house? The one and only Belle! Busy Bee loves wearing shoes in the house!

4- I don’t like baths but I can stand in the shower for hours . 

5- My dream as a kid was to be a fashion designer . I still think somehow it could still happen ! 

Pink tulle dress for my birthday
Pink tulle dress with denim jacket and combat boot.
Pink dress with denim jacket and combat boot.

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Love, Dorcas