Sponsored Post by @bubbiespickles Spicy Sauerkraut

The first time I ever tried sauerkraut was when I visited my aunt in Strasbourg about 10 years ago and she made me choucroute Garnie. After that I couldn’t get enough of sauerkraut ! I pretty much add it to anything :)
If you love spicy food like I do, then you’ll absolutely love @bubbiespickles Spicy Sauerkraut! 
It is spicy enough to give you a little sass and you can taste the CHUTZPAH! 

I add Bubbies Spicy Sauerkraut to most of my meals , from salads , to sandwiches, pastas or even eat it by itself as a snack ! The best part, with is also my favorite part is that it has Zero calories !!!

Visit bubbies.com/wheretobuy to find a store near you to try your spicy sauerkraut !

I also have two easy recipes below for you to try with your sauerkraut!

For Lunch

Italian Chicken Sausage Sandwich


* Bubbies spicy sauerkraut

* Oven roasted Italian chicken sausage

* Sourdough bread

* White American cheese

* Tad bit of mayo

* Sliced Avocado 

* Tomatoes

W/ sweet potatoes fries on the side

I like to toast my bread with the sausage and cheese before adding my toppings. Enjoy:)

For Dinner

Quinoa Bowl with Salmon


* Bubbie’s Spicy Sauerkraut

* Herb & Vegetable Quinoa

* Grilled salmon

* Romaine lettuce

* Half avocado

* Tomatoes 

* Lemon Slice

* homemade dressing  

The dressing is really optional :)
Sponsored Post by @bubbiespickles Spicy Sauerkraut

Which one is your favorite ?
Let me know in the comments !!!

Love, Dorcas