There’s no doubt that moms are special to us and we should show them love every day ! Mother’s Day is a day set aside to make Mom feel special and why not extra extra special :)
I’m sharing below 5 ideas to make MOM fell special on Mother’s Day !

Ideas To Make Mom Feel Special - Mother's Day picnic
Ideas To Make Mom Feel Special

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Five Mother’s Day Ideas To Make Mom Feel Special

The world has transformed a lot in the last two years. The pandemic has restricted us severely, but that does not mean you can’t make celebrations special and memorable for your loved ones. Especially when it comes to honoring our mothers for Mother’s Day ! Moms don’t ask for much but it’s important to make them feel extra special on Mother’s Day ! we get so lost in our day to day that we sometimes forget to show how much we care or love our moms. Making moms smile doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can go as fancy or as extraordinary as you can afford but sometimes you don’t need a lot to make Mom’s day ! A few little things are enough to make a genuine difference and make mom smile. 

Even though some states are open, I know some of us are still not very comfortable with outings. Don’t you worry :) I have a list of mother’s day celebration ideas that you try at the comfort of your humble abode or at mom’s ! You would be surprised at how easy it is to make your mom feel loved and celebrated at home.  
For those who are vaccinated or okay moving around, I have ideas for you, too! There are many creative ways you can plan to celebrate the day with your mother. 

1- A Picnic For Mom

Nothing beats a nice good old-fashion picnic in the park or in your backyard . This is the second year in a row where we could’nt celebrate Mother’s Day like we would have wanted to. Surprising mom with a family picnic or planning a special picnic for her with her grand kids will certainly make mom smile. Pick up her favorite flowers, grab her favorite fruits and snack, her favorite drink and you’re all set ! It’s okay if you want to plan it and have her informed but it’s even better to just surprise her with a picnic at a park. A cherry on top will be her favorite park or a park with a nice view :)

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2- Bake a Cake

We all love the comfort of home-baked delicacies. You can make your mother’s favorite dessert or bake her a cake for the occasion. You can have your kids help as well or help decorate. If you love baking, you can always pick delicious recipes to treat her taste buds. Taking the time to bake for your loved one is one of the most enjoyable way to show that you care. 

3- Make a Fresh Bouquet

Flowers are something that can bring a smile to anyone’s face and make them feel cared for. Creating a personal flower arrangement is a beautiful way to make mom feel extra special. If your mom loves flowers, go all out !!! blow her mind. Create a gorgeous arrangements with some of her favorite flowers and colors. Some of the best placce to find gorgeous fresh flowers that are budget friendly are Costco, Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s. If your mom is allergic to flowers or simply loves gardening, This is growing season so picking up few plants in a pot or going early to pant new colorful plants for her will certainly make her feel special and make her smile :) Make sure mom enjoy the simple joy of seeing flowers every day, even if it’s for a week or two ! :)

4- Book a Weekend Getaway

Now, this is for those who are out and about ! If you are fully vaccinated or you know that mom is and ready to mingle and move around, you can book a weekend getaway for your mother. You can make it a girls weekend for just the two of you. Give her a break from the family buzz and the city, and take her somewhere she can relax all day and have mimosas on the couch! What better way to celebrate mothers than whiskey them away from their daily routines? I know that’s something I would absolutely love :)

5- Enjoy a Relaxed Day Together

If you have kids, get yourself a baby-sitter and plan a fun and relaxed day with your mom. You can start the day with a simple mani & pedi or you can treat yourself and mom to a full luxurious spa day together. You can then head for brunch or dinner after treating her to a little shopping as well :) The busy schedules and never ending work can take a back seat while you pay all your attention to your Mom, Mommy, Madre , Mother, Maama , Maman :) Make it a day filled with memories and laughter and have her enjoy the day ! 

If you are a mom yourself , don’t forget to enjoy the day! We all love our mothers but sometimes fail to express how much they mean to us with our daily hustle and bustle. Celebrating mother’s day is just one day way to make her feel extra special So, plan your activities well and shower your loved ones with treats and surprises!
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Ideas To Make Mom Feel Special

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