The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the toughest years we have survived. However, the good news is, it’s finally over! 
We know 2020 was a difficult year for almost everyone, but it taught us a lot of important lessons, too. We learned the importance of physical as well as mental health. It made us realize how valuable our life is, but most importantly, 2020 taught us the importance of self-care.
Practicing self-care is something that most people ignore. We get so busy dealing with everything going on in our everyday lives that self-care often takes the backseat, and that is just not right.  
So today, I am are going to talk about how to inculcate the habit of practicing self-care and start the new year on a positive note.

My Top Seven Tips To Stay Positive All Year Long

How To Stay Positive All Year- Winter White outfit

A new year gives all of us a chance to make a fresh start. It marks a new beginning and gives us hopes and aspirations to look forward to. 
After making it through a disastrous and stressful year like 2020, it becomes more important to start 2021 on an optimistic and hopeful note. 
So here are our top seven tips on how to start 2021 positively.

1- Meditate and Pray
Your mental health is very valuable. Ignoring it can be a mistake, and as said by various experts, practicing meditation is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Meditation brings you closer to yourself. It helps you in managing your stress and anxieties and gives you peace. If you are looking for the best way to practice self-care, it can be the perfect start to it.
Start by meditating for a small amount of time, like five or ten minutes, and when you get comfortable, increase it. It will give you a lot of peace and positivity.

2- List Down All The Good Things In Your Life And Be Grateful For Them
Being grateful for even the smallest things in life is very important. If you’re healthy and have successfully made it through 2020, trust me, it’s a big deal and something to be thankful for. Take out some time from your schedule and list down all the good things that have happened in 2020 and feel gratitude for them. Give this new year a perfect and positive start by counting all your blessings. Be appreciative of the little joys of life. 

3- Set Small Achievable Goals
Everyone starts their year by making big resolutions that are often forgotten by the end of January. So we would advise you to avoid making those larger-than-life commitments that do nothing but give you a mid-year crisis. Looking at the un-ticked list of new year’s resolutions is stressful, we know. So ditch them and create small and easily achievable goals instead, and take baby-steps to achieve them.
For example, if you want to get healthy and glowing skin by the end of 2021, set a goal of drinking a lot of water every day. If you want to lose weight, create a daily goal of including green veggies in your diet. This will not only bring positivity to your life but will also ensure you achieve your goals by the end of the year. Further, you will develop some good habits, too! 

4- Take Out Some ‘Me Time’ Every day.
Self-care starts with taking out time for yourself. From the hectic schedule of your daily life, you deserve at least half an hour for just yourself.
Taking out some time and doing something that you absolutely love and enjoy will not only give you happiness but will also help you manage your stress. You can do anything that you enjoy in your ‘me time.’ Listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite TV shows. Do painting or read a book. Go for walks. It can be anything that you love. 
The purpose of this is to make you relieve tension and spend some time with yourself doing things for your happiness and satisfaction.

5- Develop A Habit Of Reading
Reading is a life-changing habit. That’s why even people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk take out time from their super busy schedule to read every day.
Good books have the power to change your perspective, broaden your horizon, teach you a lot of things, and give you a new way of looking at everything. You can read anything, fiction, non-fiction, or self-help books. There’s no rule. If you want to read just for entertainment, that’s okay, too, and if reading feels like a big task to you, and you find it hard to focus, you can try audiobooks. They are amazing. There are so many good books out there waiting for you to find them!

6- Cut-Off Negative People From Your Life
How can you start something positive while being in the company of negative people? If you have people in your life who have problems with every solution, who have the habit of judging anyone and everyone, who always say hurtful and negative things, who talk behind other people’s back, and who don’t have any kinds of life goals, then it’s time for you to cut yourself from their lives. 
Remember, this year is all about positivity and growth, and if you have people in your life who do nothing but bring you down every step of the way, you should move on with your life without them.

7Develop A Work-Life Balance 
The past year has taken a toll on our work-life balance. Work from home has its benefits, yes, but it has greatly affected our personal lives.
Now is the time to develop a balance between your professional and personal life so that one part of your life doesn’t suffer because of the other.
So, start this year by carefully planning your schedule and try to create an equilibrium between your personal life and your work. It will reduce stress and create a positive impact on your everyday life.

So, these were our top seven tips that you can use to give your new year an optimistic and happy start. Make 2021 your best year by taking steps in the right direction.
Good luck and Happy New Year!  Here’s to a great 2021.
Cheers !!! 

How To Stay Positive All Year
How To Stay Positive All Year - Winter Neutral outfit

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