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Keeping My Braids Clean With WATERL<SS
Keeping My Braids Clean With WATERL<SS

Let’s talk about haircare made easy with Waterl<ss and how I keep my braids clean and fresh in just 3 steps!

If you have been following me for a while, you know I live in braids! If you’re new here, my name is Dorcas and I wear braids 95% of the year :) I grew up in Togo where braiding your hair is a preferred way to style your hair. And I happen to love it because for me, as a busy mom of two, braids require less maintenance and I’m able to get up and go at anytime without worrying about styling my hair.
People always ask me the same question: How do you care for your braids? And how do you keep them clean for so long? Well, today I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with Waterl<ss Haircare to show you how I keep my braids fresh and clean.

Braids can typically last for about a month to three months depending on the style that you get and how well you care for them. I used to get new braids almost every month but now, I get new braids every 2 to 3 months. So, imagine my joy when I discovered Waterl<ss Haircare!!! I wish I could describe how excited I am lol so, lets just imagine it :) 
With Waterl<ss, I clean, condition and refresh my hair in minutes, and all out of the shower. It’s perfect for my busy mom life :) Let me show you how I do it in 3 simple steps below !


First, I use the Dry Shampoo Foam to clean my hair. It absorbs oil and instantly removes buildup from the roots of the hair without using water. This formula is great for thick or curly hair. I love that it’s paraben- and alcohol-free and the foam absorbs instantly.  Spray a small amount into your hand (a little goes a long way) and apply it to your scalp.


Next, I use the Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture. This is my favorite step 🙂 It moisturizes and detangles my braids (roots) without water. It’s literally the best leave-in conditioner spray I use and it smells amazing!!! The best part is, it doesn’t leave any white residue. This formula is also made for thick hair to control frizz and flyaways, moisturizes dry ends, and detangles without water. It’s also paraben- and sulfate-free.
I love using this by itself weekly to just keep my roots moisturized.


And the final step is with my favorite Apple and Berry Fragrance Mist. Let me just say this is the best fragrance mist for your hair! This formula is paraben, sulfate and alcohol free and great for ALL hair types. Not only does it help your hair smell extraordinary all day :),  it’s also a tames static without the use of water.  Did I mention that it’s touch-activated too? It refreshes your hair as you move.

Waterl<ss is not just for braids. They have products for all hair types to help you extend the period between hair washes.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried Waterl<ss or which one you’ll be trying :)
These products are available only at Sally Beauty – grab yours here!! 

Hair Care Made Easy With WATERL<SS
Hair Care Made Easy With WATERL<SS
Love, Dorcas