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Let’s talk about protecting my braids with Dark & Lovely for protective styles.

Fun Fact – I wear braids 95% of the year ! You just have to browse my page :) So imagine the excitement when one of my favorite hair care brand @DarkAndLovely lunches their collection of protective styles ! I ran and grabbed all 3 that was available and I have been protecting my braids simply by using this line.

The Dark & Lovely protective styles line is new to me but I have been using Dark & Lovely products since my early teenage years in Togo; so I was super excited for this collection because I wear braids so much now. Braids are super easy for me as a mom of toddlers always on the go.

This line is amazing and perfect for all protective style from braids, to twists, weaves, locks, cornrows and more. It has 4 amazing products that I absolutely love ! 





Dark And Lovely For Protective Styles

In this photo:




If you love braids like me or twist or weaves or any protective style at all you would love this line ! Every single product in the line is amazing !

It cleans, refresh, detangle, and moisture your hair and do not disturb your style. 


The tension tamer Ease tension caused by wearing a protective style with a refreshing cooling sensation to help maintain healthy-looking hair at the scalp. Our cooling lotion is easy to apply for spot-on immediate relief to ease hair tension. Use twice daily or even more as need for your braids, twists, weaves.


Cleansing Water seamlessly flows to gently cleanse scalp and hair, and easily lathers to not disturb your style. The precise tip applicator for a targeted cleanse allows the lightweight formula to go on with ease. Massage into scalp & rinse clean. Great use for after takedown to reach your roots directly!


This is excellent! It instantly refresh your protective style with a light burst of fragrance that won’t fade all day. Our invisible spray is a quick and easy way to start the day feeling fresh without leaving any residue. Great for use on your natural hair too!


Finally an easier way to detangle your hair during take R dedown while softening and conditioning your hair. Spread evenly throughout hair after takedown to enjoy soft and manageable hair. Rinse out before washing your hair. Great for use as an everyday detangler too!

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Love, Dorcas