AMAZON Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day deals will make you feel like a kid in candy land 🙂 It’s like Christmas in October and some of these deals are the best !!! Even better than Black Friday deals. Amazon offers a one month free trial for non-members, so even If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you can still take advantage of these deals. I have been an Amazon Prime member for years, and I must say that I absolutely love it !
I want to share with you the Amazon Prime Day deals that I am currently loving, and have in my cart right now !!!
I’ve broken down the list into two categories to make it easy for you to browse.
– My Amazon Prime Day favorites for all things HOME, kitchen, kids, gifts etc..
– My Amazon Prime Day favorites for all things Fashion- Shoes, PJs, sweaters. coats, jackets, accessories etc…

AMAZON Prime Day Deals - Fall Sweaters
My Sweater is from Amazon Fashion – HERE

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AMAZON Prime Day Deals for Home

For more Amazon finds, please check out my AMAZON FINDS page. I have a wide variety of things to choose from whether it has to do with kids, home decor, kitchen essentials, fashion and more.

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