Affordable handbags for summer and Beyond

They say a girl can never have too many shoes! Well, I must add handbags. 🙂
In this post, I want to share with you guys my favorite affordable handbags for summer and beyond.

I love shoes as much as I love handbags but for a long time, I wasn’t buying handbags as much as I was buying shoes. I tend to splurge a bit on handbags because I try to go for quality. The finishing detail, the leather or material has to be right. And for a while I didn’t see a lot of brands that were offering great quality handbags at an affordable price.

Last year I discovered Charles & Keith and it was a game changer! The quality of their products is pretty amazing. The look, the material, the finishing detail of their products is just great. Their handbags look expensive but don’t cost a lot. Every single bag that I have purchased from them was less than $100 but I have received countless compliments.

Another place for trendy bags is Amazon. Amazon has always offered affordable and trendy pieces but lately I have been pretty impressed with the quality of the bags I have purchased on Amazon.

I also love Etsy when it comes to handmade affordable handbags for summer, particularly basket bags .

This bag is my latest buy from Charles& Keith and I love it. It’s a bit trendy yet feels timeless because I know this style of bags are not going anywhere anytime soon.

This basket bag is literally my favorite basket bag. I have had it for over 3 years and if you’ve been following me for a while, you must have seen it countless times:) Don’t be tired of it just yet because there’s more to show. if you don’t have one, you NEED one! It can be dressed up or down which is perfect.

This bag is just too cute and I love the color.

How cute is this little basket bag. I recently bought it and I’m in love.

This belted bag, I love and I need .

This half moon bag is another cute one I love. I love the style and the colors are so fun.

I love this basket bag too. This style is a bit timeless and it’s a classic style.

This little bucket bag is too cute. I love the color and it would be perfect in Fall too.

I love this basket bag. Such a great Amazon find.

This designer Look alike is another favorite from Amazon. I have it in green and I absolutely love it.

This bag I love too. I actually want to order it 🙂

Everybody needs this designer look alike bag! It’s the perfect clutch in my opinion. This is the large size. Linking smaller size below.

Here is the smaller pouch clutch from Amazon.

I love this basked bag style too.

I have this little bucket bag in green and I love it.

Affordable handbags for summer
Basket bag
Neon Cylinder Bag

Love, Dorcas